now we love blue

stay tuned, something really cool & blue, coming soon in your pc/mac web screens!!

I love blue, I've started this blog with a lot of BLUE !! 


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art in a sentence 

I got in the gallery, the walls were white, the floor was white, my eyes stuck in a small sentence on the corner. "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution". I was amazed. This sentence was to, finally, put in words my life perspective. Later, I found out that Emma Goldman wrote this quote in 1931, in her book "Living my Life"! 

Then I sat on a chair to listened to this perfect tune (from, Project Imaginary Landscapes) which was part of the exhibition & I was thinking how many years have passed since I saw or heard something so beautiful & strong?!!

Now it's the time to let our fantasy explode to let ourselves free, because we have nothing to lose!!

thanx Nileta, my new blogger-friend, for introducing me to the work of Brendan Dawes. I found this project "Cinema Redux", absolutely perfect. It's exactly what strikes my fancy these days!!

& since I'm helping a friend with a translation of an interview by Santiago Sierra, I want to share his work with you! I find it so unique & tough also, I'd call him, an "art activist".. 

The gallery mentioned above is the cultural venue "ABOUT", one of the most remarkable art sites in Athens. The exhibition I visited was this one!!

Big love!

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χωρίς τίτλο

"Θα πρέπει να υπάρχει μια κάποια, έστω, σταθερότητα σ'αυτό το ευμετάβλητο σύμπαν, ε;"

Ιβαν Βιριπάγεφ, Ψευδαισθήσεις

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colors everywhere

because of those "uncertain" days, we need color in our life!

That's exactly why we desided to put some color in our "fruit party", so during my visit to this very cute blog, I discovered this D.I.Y fruit balloons !! try making your own, I'm sure you will enjoy the process, it is so easy & funny!!

This wonderful blog by ledansla, always reminds me, how much I adore pastel colors!!

I'm also excited with this photo & the more I learn about Christian Chaize's whole project, the more enthusiastic I get!! It's so nostalgic, isn't it?? maybe it fits better to the previous post about nostalgia!

put colors in your life, in every way you want!!
you could search for your old watercolors & start painting without any exact reason!!


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hello people!!

a greek title for today..
for 3 different reasons !!

the 1st is, that nostalgia is the theme  I'm working on it these days!!

the 2nd is that by random my sister showed me an e-mail that she received from an old friend, who is studying in London now, and what he said was that he is teaching his roommates the word "νοσταλγία", because he believes it's the most beautiful greek word.. (by the way he has a very poetic type of writing)

& the 3rd reason is that the last two days, I'm walking on the streets of Athens & I have this strange feeling that in front of me stands a very peaceful, beautiful, abandoned city. It's the same feeling you have when you leave the island on which you fell in love & and you are standing on the deck watching it getting smaller & smaller..

I don't really know & this mystery is kind of fascinating!!

this is the song..

νοσταλγία: νόστος (=επιστροφή) + άλγος (=πόνος). 
Είναι ο πόνος που προκαλείται από την ανικανοποίητη λαχτάρα του γυρισμού.

Have a nice day!!

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no comments

you lost control.

black-red 50euros' silkscreen by Dimitris Papoutsakis & me.

"pathetic socialism" by me.

*dinner set by Greece is for Lovers !!

& Bertrand Russell for all of you out there. 

have a nice day.

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1st May-1st swim day !! 

We "caught the May"!!
sea & lovely company, is the best combination!! 
did you know( ) that it's a tradition to steal flowers from another's garden on the 1st of May??
I didn't know it & I found it very playful & tricky!! 

so, for those who are floricultural, I think they're gonna love those necklaces by Colleen Jordan!!
& for me, who am a bike lover, the best present for May, would be this planter!!

May is the month of "Primavera Sound Festival", tambien!!!!!!!!!
I was there 3 years ago with some very good friends & it was magnificent!!
This city has a great energy!!

I think Barcelona is the place to live!! 
"Evripidis and his tragedies" is in this year's line up, once again & he is an artist that we love to hear!! 

Petite Dorothea "brought" May with her lovely baby style!!

Don't lose the movie "L'exercise de L' etat" (The Minister), it's a very nice & up to date movie!!

Have a great month, full of strawberries, friends, & colors, prefer coral shades, 

they are so in fashion!!

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