the coil

"Εκεί που τελειώνουμε εμείς, αρχίζει η

here is again one of my favorites poems by Kiki Dimoula..
These words, describe exactly my feelings at the moment.. I'm seating nearby the sea, feeling the "real freedom" & soul tranquility... it's like the water & the waves are extensions of myself.. 

When these words of Dimoula come in my mind I can see Anafi..

Now i'm in Santorini - my "half" hometown & I'm here for nostalgia.. I'll participate at the photographic section of the "1st Bienale of Santorini". The opening is tomorrow on 1st of August & if anyone is close I would be very happy to pop around and say hello!

my piece is named "blumbango coil", & it has much to do with my dream island!!

.."Πες "στιγμή", 

που φωνάζει βοήθεια ότι πνίγεται,
μην τη σώζεις,
δεν "άκουσα¨.

all the best!!



Hello everybody!! I'm back!! My feelings are mixed.. so complicated..

Organizing my mind.. doing my luggages again, filled with summer clothes this time(..)
I'm out in a couple of days again, only now it's for a real summer break!!
And my summer obsessions are coming with me!

my new top from top shop
the silk hand dyed scarf, which I designed!
sunglasses from Zara!
my welcome back gift that I received when I returned!! "The Pattern Sourcebook" by Drusilla Cole!! so happy!!
the "heart-back" blue top!!
a black classic pant from Zara!
my new cook book by Jamie!! so exciting!!
my sister's black ray-ban sunclasses, so chic & classy!!
& last but not least a book by Albert Camus, "the Stranger"!!
of course I'll be experimenting on new fabrics & materials!!

stay tuned for more London posts.. For now I'll be editing my photos.

take care

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dream to get drunk

another creative week is over & now after a quick visit at Tate & Damien Hirst's exhibition, I'm trying to arange all the things I've got into & the prints I've made so far!! this beautiful dream will be continued for a few more days & it feels like I'm drunk, this euphoria that wine can give u when u are with friends & talking hours about your dreams..

the french song that my new French friend Coline introduced me, is on the repeat for days !! 

& of course in the week's menu was the Jamie Oliver's raspberry cheesecake !! His book "30 minutes meal", it's very close to become my new best seller cook book !! Always love Jamie !!

have a beautiful weekend,

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in a painting mood

my first painting became my first printing fabric !!
I'm more excited than ever !!

life is so beautiful when you're doing what you love the most!! & because I believe that often "work" obsessions are like love affair obsessions I want to share with u this wonderful song that I were listening with Janet, my flatmate, yesterday!! I'm so glad there are around me people with so kind soul!!

The artist Yalloo Lim is my new find!!

have a nice afternoon!!

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photodiary 1

never mind the rain here are the pink roses..

shoes running around london & rain!!

ταραξάκος ή ταραξίας ή όπως αλλιώς θέλετε.. 

saint martins' library x 2

my 22.30 window view (the daylight is still here)!!

Victoria Miro Gallery: an amazing exhibition by the artist Sarah Sze!! 

have a nice weekend, warm or rainy, no matter what,
enjoy it!!

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she came from greece she had a thirst for knowledge

I used to hear this song when I was 16 years old & it was something like electric waves.
I was there, in their concert last year, I was there in Rockwave Festival in 1998!!
How amazing he can be!!

At the moment I take a course at Saint Martins, today was my second day,
& we went for some shopping.. & it was Liberty & Marylebone str. that stuck in my mind
& kept me thinking that London is the Capital city of fashion.. & so much textiles & fabrics
& patterns & hats (of course!).. I enjoyed it so much!!  So I'm just sharing some pictures
with u as a "garment" of my day!!

the picture on the logo is from the exhibition "E20 12: UNDER-CONSTRUCTION"
by the British photographer Giles Price which will be exhibited as part of this year's
London Festival of Architecture.

I'm sending u a rainy goodnight!!

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