(parenthesis) for breakfast
While waiting for the last "poetic" piece of our photo trips to be written by my sweet Natasa {she is full busy working all day..}

.. I've made a delicious healthy breakfast-snack!!

You only need oats, honey, melted ripe banana, orange juice, chocolate chips, chopped walnuts & you have the most  powerful snack rich in nutrients, fiber  and protein, thanks to oats & nuts!!

You can give them any shape you like, it may be cookies or bars or even cupcakes if you add some almond butter to make them more smooth!!

For the the cookies - bars you need:
1 cup (gluten-free) oats
1 ripe banana
2 tbsp honey
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup chocolate chips
2 tbsp orange juice

**plus 2tbsp almond butter for cookies to become cupcakes!!
how to make homemade almond butter here!!

Combine all the ingredients & mix well, then put them in the oven to 180C for about 10 minutes {if  you choose to make the cupcakes they need 15-18 minutes)!

tip: for extra flavor, toast the walnuts on parchment paper for 5-7 minutes!!

simple & easy!!

this snack is gluten (choose gluten free oats) dairy free, which means vegan friendly!!

Try them with a smoothie or an orange juice & you got the power!!

Oh! & don't forget to mention this really intriguing brunch invitation by Bamboo Vegan on Saturday for some yummy vegan burgers!! I'll be there!!

{You'll find the last two pieces of our island adventures here and here!!}

Thus.. Let's jump start our day with delight & pure energy!!

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swimming into the winter {2}
Πουθενά αλλού δεν ένιωσα τη ζωή μου τόσο δικαιωμένη όσο
πάνω στη γέφυρα ενός πλοίου. Στη θέση τους τη σωστή,
τα πάντα: οι βίδες, οι λαμαρίνες, οι σωλήνες, τα συρματόσχοινα,
οι αεραγωγοί, τα όργανα πλεύσεως· και ο ίδιος εγώ που εγγράφω
την αέναη μεταβολή παραμένοντας στο ίδιο σημείο.
Ένας πλήρης, αυτάρκης και συγκροτημένος κόσμος που μου
ανταποκρίνεται και του ανταποκρίνομαι και εισχωρούμε μαζί
σαν ένα σώμα στον κίνδυνο και στο θαύμα.

Πλοίο διαρκείας η χώρα μου.

Ο Μικρός Ναυτίλος.
Οδυσσέας Ελύτης.

Nowhere did I feel my life so justified as on a ship's bridge.
Everything in its proper place: sheet-metal, pipes, screws,
cables, flotation devices, airshafts; and I myself inscribing the
constant transformation by remaining fixed. A full, self-sufficient
and organized world that responds to me, and I do it,
and together we penetrate miracle and danger as one body.

Enduring ship, my land.

The Little Mariner.
Odysseas Elytis.

the man on the last picture, is the most "dramatic" figure I've seen in ages.. I can't find any other words to describe him. I was kind of hesitant about sharing this picture, in public, but I couldn't resist.
I recognized the "hero" of the poem in his face.

Beasts of the Southern wild, a great movie taking place somewhere where the water is feared..
and as Hushpuppy, the 6 yo heroine of the movie, says:

"Daddy always saying, that up in the
dry world, they got none of what we

"They only got holidays once a year."

"They got fish stuck in plastic
wrappers, they got their babies
stuck in carriages, and chickens on
sticks and all that kind of stuff."

"One day, the storm’s gonna blow,
the ground’s gonna sink, and the
water’s gonna rise up so high,
there ain’t gonna be no Bathtub,
just a whole bunch of water."

"But me and my Daddy, we stay right
here.  We who the earth is for."

Natasa, on the last picture, with that shiny beautiful eyes, on the way back to the port of Lavrio..

Have a nice day!

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swimming into the winter {1}
Προπάντως η ακρίβεια έλεγα. Κι όλο πρόσεχα να'ναι 
στενό το διάφραγμα. Όταν προχώρησα στην εμφάνιση το 
είδα καθαρά: είχα κερδίσει τύπους από στιγμές ή, αλλιώς, 
"στιγμιότυπα" που, άπαξ κι υπήρξανε μια φορά, τίποτε, ποτέ 
πια, δεν θα μπορούσε να τα κατελύσει.

Στραπουργιές. Φεγγαρόφωτο πάνω στους ανθισμένους γκρεμούς
κι ως πέρα στο μυριστικό πέλαγος, ατελεύτητα.

Ο Μικρός Ναυτίλος.
Οδυσσέας Ελύτης.

Above all, precision, I would say. And take care to keep the
f-stop narrow. When I started developing I saw it clearly:
I'd wrested types from moments which, having existed once,
nothing ever again could abolish.

Strapourgies. Moonlight on blossoming ravines
all the way to the fragrant unending pelago.

The Little Mariner.
Odysseas Elytis.

* I love how a new little world seems to begin in the light switch on the third picture above.. I'f you look carefully, you'll notice the reflection of the window.. A new sunshine comes softly through the window.. and so the story goes.. again & again.

** d was with us in Andros. The post dedicated to him. 

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swimming into the winter
and so the story goes..

3 short journeys.. 3 "business" trips for Natasa..  3 "photo" trips for me..
Serifos, Kea, Andros!

Greek islands under the winter light.. priceless. pure beauty.

Three photo-posts of our journeys that will be "drawn" by selected parts of "The little mariner" by Odysseas Elytis!!


Είπα θα φύγω. Tώρα. Μ'ότι να 'ναι: τον σάκο μου
τον ταξιδιωτικό στον ώμο, στην τσέπη μου έναν οδηγό,
τη φωτογραφική μου μηχανή στο χέρι. Βαθιά στο χώμα
και βαθιά στο σώμα μου θα πάω να βρω ποιος είμαι.
Τι δίνω, τι μου δίνουν και περισσεύει το άδικο.


I said I'll leave. Now. With whatever: travel sack on my
shoulder; guidebook in my pocket; camera in my hand. I'll go
deep in the soil and deep in my body to find out who I am.
What I give, what I am given, and still injustice has the
greater part.

translated by Olga Broumas.

Enjoy the rain today.
P.S: so glad I make some people happy by reading my blog!! A big thanks & a hug to Cue the Artist!!

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BLOCK SHOP inspiration
I spent most of last night just falling in the world of India & Block Shop*!!
I made a dream journey in a farm cottage somewhere in the world, doing that job!!

The idea of doing my own carved wooden blocks & natural vegetable dyes got me so inspired..

Libera me.

*all photos taken by Block Shop!!

good evening!!

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the lucky one!!
We finally draw a winner!!

Her name is Jenny Matakoulia & we are so pleased to inform her, that she can choose the necklace of her liking, among those six wonderful colors, that can be clearly seen on the last picture of that post!!
Therefore Jenny, scroll down without losing a minute & find your cup of tea!!

Our birthday girl, Dimitra, is the person that you can contact from now on, for further details, via her fb page!!

Congrats to Jenny & Happy birthday to Dimitra with a song & a wish..
may this world, one day, be filled with love..


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